Handmade wooden neck cross

# MW1054

Wood-carved neck cross. The cross is handmade by the monks of the cell of St. Dimitrios in the area of Kapsala on Mount Athos. Dimensions: 8х5 cm

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The light wood-carved cross is handmade by the monks of the cell of St. Dimitrios in the area of Kapsala on Mount Athos. The front side of the cross depicts the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Inscription on the reverse of the cross: ΙΣ ΧΣ ΝΙ ΚΑ (Jesus Christ conquers). Άγιον Όρος, Καψάλα (Holy Mountain, Kapsala).

Orthodox cross: history and symbolism

The Orthodox Church honors the Cross as a great relic symbolizing the redemption of the human race. The honorable Cross of the Lord for the Christian faith is the highest symbol of sacrifice and sanctification, and therefore its significance is truly invaluable. The Cross and the Resurrection are the two main axes of Christianity: the Resurrection follows the Cross and implies the Cross, and the Cross predicts the Resurrection.

Before Christ was crucified for our sins, anyone who died through crucifixion was considered damned. After Jesus died on the cross, it became a symbol of redemption. From an instrument of death the cross became an eternal source of life, from a horrible instrument of execution it turned into a light and blessed sign.

This paradox and great change came about because immeasurable divine love and mercy did not avenge human ignorance and evil. The all-redeeming divine love leaves no room for hatred, anger, and malice. God as absolute love, instead of vengeance, had mercy on mankind, giving redemption from the bitter bonds of sin and evil, giving mankind eternal life. After the crucifixion, the cross became associated with the Lord Jesus Christ, drawing from Him its invincible power, sanctification and grace. That is why the worship of Christians to the Cross is not idolatry; it is the worship of Christ Himself. Christians proudly wear the cross in memory of the great atoning sacrifice and as an effective bulwark against evil.

The honorable Cross of the Lord is the unifying force of mankind. The two crossbars of the Cross symbolize the union of men with God (the vertical crossbar) and the union of men with one another (the horizontal crossbar). The last one also symbolizes the two arms of the Crucified Savior, which are open to embrace all mankind.

Life-giving Cross prayer

May God be resurrected, and His enemies be scattered, and may those who hate Him flee from His face. As the smoke disappears, let it disappear; As the wax melts away from the face of the fire, so will the demons from the face of those who love God and sign the sign of the cross, and in the joy of the verbs: Rejoice, Most Honorable and Life-Giving Lord’s Cross, cast out demons by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ upon you, come to hell to the devil, and who gave us His Cross to Honest you to drive away every foe. O Honorable and Life-giving Cross of the Lord! Help me with the Holy Virgin Lady, and with all the saints for ever. Amen".

The short text of the prayer to the life-giving cross in Russian is as follows: "Protect me, O Lord, with the power of the Honorable and Life-Giving of Your Cross, and save me from all evil.

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