General provisions

The present Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) is an internal normative act of the Company and is binding for all employees, services and structural divisions of the Company. The Policy regulates the rules of using the Athos Gifts online service, as well as the rules of collecting and processing the users network data provided by them in the process of using the site

Access to Athos Gifts online services is free and open to all Internet users. Users of Athos Gifts services are guaranteed anonymity when using the Company's services.

The Company independently determines the purposes and means of personal data processing and processes personal data received by the online resource.

User data

The website does not collect any personal user data.

The data collected by in the course of use is anonymized. The user is not identified while on the site.

Depersonalized data transmitted to includes information automatically transmitted to in an impersonal form by the user's devices. This may include information regarding the user's device and location, browser data, as well as information regarding the user's requests and the operating system used.

Personal information transmitted to includes information that users provide to the service:

- during the registration process

- when booking the services of the site

- when subscribing to newsletters

- when filling out online forms and resource program modules

- when placing an order/reservation

Personal data of the user includes:

- user's full name

- user's contact information, including phone number and e-mail address, etc.

- other information required for providing a quality customer service (this includes, for example, the number of passengers, information about the additional driver, the number of your flight to be picked up by a Company representative at the airport, etc.).

This information is necessary so that the representatives of the Company could contact the user to confirm the reservation, clarify the details of the reservation, newsletters, etc.

The user also provides bank card details when making online payments on the website

The administration of the online resource does not verify the information provided by users, but assumes that the information provided is current, accurate and sufficient to provide the desired services. The user bears full responsibility for providing information that does not meet the specified parameters.

The site uses cookies for the purpose of recording information regarding the use of resource pages. This includes data about the server through which the user accessed the resource, information about the web browser used, information about the resources through which the user learned about the site The collected data is anonymized and is necessary for improving the marketing policy of the Company and the products/services offered. The user's personal data is not collected.

Use of provided user data

By accepting the Privacy Policy of the Company, you automatically agree to the use and processing of the above-mentioned data for the purposes of the Company's services.

The Company only collects data necessary for the quality performance of services provided. This may include in particular your contact data, the data for the issuance of visas to Mount Athos (Diamonitirion), your name and surname for the pick-up at the airport, your flight number for tracking information on possible changes in the schedule and other data required for the provision of the service required.

Any online payments made on the website are made in compliance with banking data protection legislation. Payments are made through the use of an online payment page with a high degree of protection under the PCI DSS security standard. The Company does not record/store your bank data and bank card data. Service has no access to control, transfer and make payments. When you book services of the Company through official partner sites, these sites have access to the data you specified in the reservation, but not to the payment operations and bank details made to pay for the services of the Company. Under no circumstances does the Company disclose, sell or share your bank data with third parties.

In order to ensure the quality of the requested services, the company may transmit information users provide when booking a service with partner companies and persons involved in providing the service. This may include companies or third parties whether inside or outside of Greece insofar as this is required by the nature of the service being provided (such as the reservation of international flights, etc.). In such cases, the Company guarantees that user data is transmitted solely for the quality of the requested services and will not be used for other purposes. In this case, the privacy rules apply to all individuals who have access to the data in question.

Data provided by the user when booking a service may be used by the Company in the future to send newsletters, notifications about promotions and Company discounts, as well as to participate in surveys. In the latter case, the Company undertakes not to disclose the information received from the user when participating in surveys without the permission of the user. In any case, the user can unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on the appropriate link at the end of the newsletter, or by sending an email to

Protection of provided user data

The Company guarantees that it has taken all necessary measures to protect the data provided by users against loss and unlawful use. This applies to both paper and electronic media.

Access to the data provided by users is restricted to authorized employees of the Company and is intended solely for the purposes of providing, improving the quality and the performance of the Company's services. Every person having access to such data is a subject to the Company's confidentiality requirements. The exception is the cases when the user himself placed his personal data in the free access or otherwise provided access to personal data to an unlimited range of people.

In order to improve the quality of services provided, the Company keeps records of bookings and orders of services. Related data is stored in the client database and is protected in accordance with the rules of confidentiality and the policy of protection of user data.

In case the user does not want his personal data to be stored in the Company's client database, he must send a corresponding notification to The user has the right at any time to provide or withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data by sending an electronic notice to the specified email address.

At the user's request, the company is obliged at any time to provide him/her with information about the existence and the manner of processing his/her data, as well as to change, delete his/her personal data or transfer it to third parties.

For violation of confidentiality rules, established by the present Policy, the Company shall be liable in accordance with the provisions of the law.


The Company hereby notifies that the website uses cookies in its operation.

Cookies are files that tell the site you are visiting certain impersonal information. Depending on the specific type of cookie, their use simplifies the site on future visits by maintaining certain settings, providing relevant information, correcting site errors, keeping personal information secure when you register for our services, or helping the site gather information needed to improve its services.

When you first log in to, you are notified that the site uses cookies in its operation. You can disable cookies by modifying your web browser settings.

You can always delete, block or accept cookies on your device.

By accepting the Cookie Policy at, you automatically agree to its storage and use by the site's services.

General and transitional provisions

The content of the Site, its logo, motto, trademark, etc., is protected by copyright provisions, including intellectual property rights. Collection, transformation, publication, copying of content in whole or in part, or any other use of such data is prohibited.

The Company may modify the Privacy Policy unilaterally at any time. The Privacy Policy freely available at is deemed to be valid.