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Tears of Virgin Mary bracelet with metal cross

# MB1138

Handmade bracelet with metal cross made of "Tears of Virgin Mary" plant on Holy Mount Athos

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"Tears of Virgin Mary" bracelet

Handmade bracelet is woven by the monks of Mount Athos. The length of the bracelet is 17-20 cm; it consists of "Tears of Virgin Mary" plant grains. The bracelet has a metal cross woven into it, which makes it not just a piece of jewelry, but a Christian symbol of faith. Due to the rubber band, the bracelet is suitable for any wrist size.

Note: As all the bracelets are handmade products, the number of grains may vary in each piece. Therefore, the length of the bracelets may vary slightly from what is stated. You can specify the desired length in a comment to your order.

Legend of the Tears of Virgin Mary

"Tears of Virgin Mary" is a unique plant that doesn't grow anywhere else in the world except Mount Athos. Its grains are harvested by the monks of Mount Athos and then used to weave prayer ropes and bracelets.

There is a legend connected with the plant: once upon a time a monk of the skete of St. Anne tried to learn how to weave prayer ropes; the skill was in no way given to him, and therefore he fell into despondency. The monk sat down on the ground and wept. At that moment, the Mother of God herself appeared before him and asked why he was so saddened. The monk told how he had been trying for a long time to master the skill of prayer rope weaving, but no matter how much he tried he could not master it. Then the Mother of God offered him her tears, which she sheds for the monks, in order to plant them in the ground. From her tears a plant grew, the seeds of which could simply be strung on a rope. To this day, monks of Mount Athos grow the Tears of Virgin Mary, using grains to make prayer ropes and bracelets, which are woven with unceasing prayer and for prayer.


Length: 17-20 cm

Weight: ~8 gr

Beads volume: ~9 mm

Base: rubber band

Material: Tears of Virgin Mary, metal

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Weight (g)
Length (cm)
Tears of Virgin Mary, metal
Beads/knots volume (mm)
Rubber band